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Environmental Detections Systems

Detect Leaks Before they Cost you

Protection and notification about gas levels, extreme temperatures, water leaks, and more.

Noxious gas cloud


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Visible light spectrum

Electromagnetic Detection

Measuring What you Can't See

Each sensor can detect the electromagnetic exposure in a particular area to calculate real-time values and long-term averages. These are used to predict the exceeding of threshold values even before possible false alarms can occur.

Reducing false alarms is a huge part of having a reliable and cost-effective system.

AVENAR 4000: Intelligent Fire Detector.

Environmental Detections Systems

Intelligent Signal Processing

Every signal that is sent from the smoke sensor, heat sensor, and gas sensor is analyzed. The AVENAR 4000 detector has two optical sensors: one with an infrared and one with a blue LED. Thanks to their different wavelengths, the detectors are able to measure the exact density and size of the air particles.